Der Chancellor


Multi-Champion Imkahena Der Chancellor        Click here for Pedigree
Male born on  27.10.2008
Breeder: Paula & Bruno BOUCHER
French Stud Book Number: 2574/407
HD A (Clear) Elbows and shoulders clear
Color: Red wheaten
Der Chancellor was the first born pup out of our litter with the the legendary Shangani Pansa Dafina, and our Ch Ye Japha Imkana Kianga. Chance is a Multichampion, and has turned into a proud, very muscular and powerful athletic dog. He  is also
a real gentleman with the ladies, when it is time for a mating. Chance excells in  outdoor activities,and has a great hunting instinct while being easy to handle in the field, always listening to his handler and very obedient. He has been carefully used for breeding, and his offspring carry the same proud, athletic and lovely character as their father.
 His dentition is complete and without fault.

International Champion (Int. Ch.) Ye Japha Imakana-Kianga        Click here for Pedigree



Female born on  13.11.2005
Breeder P. Obschernicat
French Book Number: LOF 2243 / 381
HD A (HD clear)
Color: Red Wheaten 

"Vivi" is the one of most interesting of the Ridgebacks in our pack. She was bred by our friends at Ye Japha in Germany, with an incredible pedigree,  unique in Europe. Vivi has many sought after old African lines directly in the front of her pedigree. 
She stands very much in the "old type" of Ridgeback, which is not seen often today in Europe, very much resembling Mushana's Fiona.. Vivi is a friendly elegant dog with great movement, who captures your heart immediately when she wags her tail and looks at you...she is always happy. Vivi is close to her African roots, excelling in tracking and scent work, and an excellent guardian.. She loves to be in the show ring, and in her short showing career has had some very impressionable victories. Her dentation in complete and without fault.


MultiCh. Ye Japha Flamelilly Suikerbos                   Click here for Pedigree

Female Born on 2.January 2010
Breeder: P. Obschernicat
Color: Red Wheaten
French Stud Book number: LOF 2872/475




Flamelily Suikerbos is a daughter of Mutlich.Ye Japha Diketi, the litter sister of our Dakiny, 
and Multich Shangani Dundubala Weltevreden.  She has a very strong African heritage in her pedigree, and is a clever, outgoing Ridgeback girl. 
Flamelily excells in the show ring, and has become a Multichampion in just fifteen months.She has a very fizzy sparkling character, 
and is always looking for something fun. 

Imkahena Hottentot's Bokkie                   Click here for Pedigree

Female Born on 21 April 2012
Breeder: Paula & Bruno BOUCHER
Color: Red Wheaten
French Stud Book number: LOF 3500

Bokkie is the youngest ambassador of Imkahena and is always happy to meet new people and situations. 
A fantastic character combined with a very athletic body and early success in the showring are really speaking for a succesful 
breeding for Vivi's last litter based on some traditional lines.




Our dogs looking after us from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge...


Multi-Champion Amini-Sion-Mawasili           Click here for Pedigree



Male born on  09.09.2004, left us on  09.11.12
Breeder: L. Jaromir, Czech Republic
French Stud Book Number: LOF 2051/314
HD A (HD clear), TAN
Colour: Red Wheaten
(High quality frozen sperm kept)

"Sion" was the picture of a  powerful, elegant Ridgeback, very balanced, with lovely paces. He had strong, cat like feet, excellent front angulation and an incredible top line.  Sion is a sensitive male with a fine character, and though he is dominant with other males,  he behaves like a real gentleman when ladies and small children are concerned! Sion, like all of our dogs, excels in scenting and tracking work in the field.  Sion is a very watchful, faithful guardian who has given us much joy in  his time with us. His dentation was complete and without fault.


Ye Japha Dakiny                   Click here for Pedigree


Female Born on 30.04.2003, left us on 30.3.2012
Breeder P. Obschernicat
Colour: Wheaten
HD A (HD clear)

"Kiny" is also out of a very special pairing, going back to Swellendam, South Africa, bred by our good friends at Ye Japha in Germany.  Kiny combines power and strength with a wonderful soft character, but she too is very close to her African roots.  Kiny is always ready for a good romp with all of her friends, but in her heart she is a real diva who prefers sleeping on our best sofa to anything else! But don't let that gentleness fool you, Kiny is all business when it comes to watching our territory...


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